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“The greatest reward is helping my clients arrive at the best possible solution, given the circumstances. Traditional views of winning and losing are not as important as resolving every issue in a beneficial, positive manner. I want my clients to complete each transaction, each negotiation, each dispute with a feeling that the result has served them well.” 

Renee Gerstman, Attorney at Law

Renee's substantial experience in real estate, business transactions, and commercial litigation combined with her neutral training make her a skilled and effective mediator, arbitrator, and evaluator of business disputes.  She brings big firm experience, knowledge and sophistication to her boutique firm to provide a personalized experience to counsel her individual and small to medium business clients in resolving escalating issues without going to litigation.  Renee sees legal challenges as opportunities to discover creative solutions and create favorable outcomes.  


In her over three decades of practice, Renee has represented business owners and individuals in all types of commercial transactions and litigation in varying levels of complexity.  Within that broad practice, Renee has focused on matters involving real estate, construction, general business contracts, partnerships, LLCs and shareholder issues. 


Recently, Renee has found her passion in neutral services and focuses on guiding parties and representatives in the journey towards resolution of their disputes.  She has served as a mediator and arbitrator in a multitude of subject areas from complex to mundane including without limitation antitrust, securities, construction defects, lease disputes, business torts, intellectual property, employment issues and shareholder disputes.    

Renee's CV

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