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Legal Services 

Renee has established close, long-term relationships with her business clients by understanding their business, their needs, and providing direction toward handling legal issues.  She acts as in-house counsel offering guidance in day-to-day operational issues.  She also negotiates and drafts contracts and documents transactions. Although no longer actively litigating, Renee is often part of the litigation team providing advice, strategy and supervision to litigation counsel.  New clients should know that Renee will take your call and give you her attention, thoughtfulness, and best judgment.  

  • Arbitration
    Renee brings her years of experience as a business and trial lawyer to managing the arbitration process with fairness, equanimity and by listening. She is well versed in the substantive field and procedural law of arbitration and the techniques used to manage the arbitration process from the preliminary hearing to issuance of the award.
  • Mediation
    With creativity, practicality, and persistence Renee guides parties in moving beyond the obstacles that prevent them from resolving their dispute. She creates an opportunity for the parties to examine and understand the perspective of the other party, the strength and weaknesses of their own positions, and a path that will lead them to resolve the dispute without litigation.
  • Neutral Case Evaluation
    Sometimes, you need an unbiased second opinion to decide if investing in litigation is worthwhile. Renee can offer guidance by providing neutral evaluation services and insights as to how an arbitrator might view your case. Early valuation is a cost efficient tool in a contested litigation matter.

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